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Feel better today and be healthier tomorrow.

Finally, there is a personal health care service that looks at the whole you and acts now, so you are in control of your future.

New Zealand's new all-in-one health service for those who want more.

We believe in comprehensive care and start by listening to you. Our advanced DNA and lab testing allows our doctors to pinpoint the root cause of your health issues. Then our team will create a personalised plan for you, including coaching, continuous monitoring, and effective treatments. Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling back in control of your well-being — with our help, that’s a promise.

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Book a Discovery consultation today.

Take the first step - Book a Discovery Consultation with our precision health doctor today for answers.

Yes, a healthcare service that thinks about the whole you.

We have combined advances in medicine, habit science, and technology. Our leading doctor and health coach care offer a seamless four-stage health program and a choice of plans. Each step is tailored to your needs and stage of life. 

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Our Approach

Watch Autonomy Co-Founder and physician Dr. Ula Heywood provide an overview of our precision healthcare service. 

1. Discover

Our Discovery Consultation is a positive step towards better health. Offering selective testing to evaluate key health indicators, a one-on-one doctor consultation to discuss your concerns, a detailed health risk report, and comprehensive support to answer any questions about your health. This consultation provides clarity and direction, so you can make informed decisions and take control of your health journey.


2.  Personalise

The Personalise phase of our program is your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life. Imagine having a team of experts who look at the whole you. Uncover the root causes of your health concerns, not just treating the symptoms. With comprehensive testing, you'll get a detailed health report and create a health plan with your personal doctor that's uniquely yours. Plus, with the constant support of your own health coach, you'll have the guidance and motivation to make lasting changes. 

3. Transform

In the Transform phase, we dive deep into your DNA to craft a life that's optimised for you.  Your personal health plan will be fine-tuned regularly and with the step-by-step support of your personal habit coach, you'll feel stronger, more confident, rejuvenated, and truly living the high life. This stage is about more than just feeling better; it's about achieving a state of health and happiness that's uniquely yours.


4. Sustain

In the Sustain phase of our program, your health becomes a natural and joyful part of your everyday life. You'll receive ongoing, personalised support from our  doctors and health coaches, ensuring you stay on track and motivated. Regular re-testing allows us to catch any issues early and fine-tune your health plan to keep it perfectly aligned with your goals. Continuous health monitoring, whether one-on-one or within our supportive community groups, provides constant encouragement and practical tips. This phase is all about making healthy living effortless and enjoyable, supported by a community that cheers you on every step of the way.


We've integrated advances in medicine, habit science and technology with a team of leading precision health practitioners to you offer you a very personal health service.

Dr. Tom Jerram
Autonomy Chief Science Officer


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