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Nothing reduces health anxiety faster than action.

Autonomy allows you to act now to prevent health issues later, so you maximise life.


Reduce the risk. Maximise your life.

Through extensive DNA and lab testing, we figure out what's happening in your cells, where that could lead, and how to change course. Then, we put you in control by providing habit coaching, health monitoring, and medical treatments you need to confidently live life to its fullest.

Better health is about treating systems, not symptoms.

Health issues don't just come out of nowhere. The problem is we're not looking at the bigger picture. We each have lifestyle habits that are makers of poor health, and markers that show how at risk we are. If you can see the full picture and address what's happening to your body at a cellular level, you can minimise the damage and maximise your life. That's where Autonomy comes in.


Metabolic health

Metabolic health issues are the start of bigger problems like heart disease and brain health conditions such as stress, dementia and Alzheimer's. We all have lifestyle habits that are makers of poor health, and we know the markers of cellular damage that tell us your risk. Our metabolic health program tests your personal metabolic health markers and makers, and our precision health doctors and habit coaches perosnalise a plan for you to improve it.




Heart health

High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and strokes don't just come out of nowhere. Each of us has a set of heart health markers that can indicate how at risk we are, and lifestyle habits that can be makers of poor heart health. Our precision heart health programme identifies your markers and makers of heart disease, so we can personalise a treatment and habit change programme that puts you in control of your future heart health.


Brain health

It's pretty commonly accepted brain health declines as we age. But that doesn't mean stress, dementia and Alzhiemer's are inevitable or untreatable. Our precision health doctors know the markers that indicate how at risk you are, and everyday habits that can be makers of poor brain health, at any age. At Autonomy we assess your markers and makers of your brain health and design a tailored plan for you to take control.

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Your personal integrated health plan.

Autonomy is a progressive health programme designed to optimise your health, reduce your chronic disease risk and slow your pace of cellular ageing. We work with you closely every step of the way, providing a one-stop-shop for trusted expert advice and guidance. That's what makes us different.


your markers

We start by testing over 150 DNA and metabolic, heart and brain health markers to assess your chronic disease risk and your pace of biological ageing. This helps our precision health doctors tailor your personal health programme.


your makers

Habit change is central to changing course. Working with one of our expert coaches, you'll look at small changes you can make to master healthier habits that will optimise your markers, reduce your risk and slow your pace of ageing. 


your progress

Advanced monitoring allows us to provide personalised treatment and advice. From the get-go, we track your progress with regular lab tests, wearables data, regular habit coaching sessions and medical consultations.

Health and Habit Insights

We're changing how society views and treats lifestyle and age-related health conditions.

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