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Our Integrated Health Plans

Diagnose the root cause of your condition, optimise your health, reduce your chronic disease risk and slow your pace of ageing.

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Autonomy combines precision medicine and with heath, habit and longevity coaching diagnose the cause of your condition, fine-tune your metabolism, reduce your chronic disease risk and slow your pace of ageing.

Precision Diagnosis assesses your metabolic health and evaluates your risk of chronic disease using over 60 validated markers. This assessment is available separately or as part of our Advanced Health Coaching module for clients seeking expert doctor and coach support in making necessary health habit changes.

Advanced Health Coaching is for clients in poor metabolic health to fine-tune their metabolism, reduce chronic disease risk, and address additional health concerns such as DNA testing, dementia risk factors, pace of ageing measurement, and optional consultations for peri-menopause or menopause. Clients receive weekly coaching sessions and undergo laboratory testing every three months to track progress.

Advanced Habit Coaching: Tailored for clients in moderate metabolic health, Advanced Habit Coaching optimises various aspects of your daily life, seamlessly integrating optimal diet, relationships, environment, activity, mind state, and sleep habits while considering your genetics. We continually monitor your progress and refine your habits through coaching sessions every two weeks, with clinical health testing every six months.

Advanced Longevity Coaching is for clients who have optimized their health habits and serves as a safeguard to achieve lifelong health goals. It includes monthly coaching sessions, continuous health monitoring, and annual clinical testing.

Precision Diagnosis is a one-off investment. Advanced Health Coaching has a minimum subscription term of 3 months and includes Precision Diagnosis at not additional cost. Coaching plans are monthly subscriptions with no minimum term.

Autonomy’s progressive health program has three stages. All clients complete 3 months on our Health Plan subscription before progressing to our Habit and Longevity Plans as they master their habits, normalise their health and slow their pace ageing

Our Health Plan includes comprehensive testing of 92 DNA and over 60 metabolic health markers. It also includes an assessment of your chronic disease risk and the pace of your biological ageing. Your precision health doctor utilises this information to personalise the initial stage of your habit change program, which is then delivered by your personal habit coach in weekly sessions spanning 90 days. Clients advance to the next stage of the program once they are on course to address their health condition and have gained a thorough understanding of the essential principles and practices for changing their health habits.

Autonomy's Habit Plan increases your understanding of your optimal DREAMS and actively incorporates these practices into your daily life so you gain confidence to handle challenges. We continually monitor your progress with tailored six monthly laboratory tests and doctor consults. As you gain confidence your coach will reduce your sessions to bi-weekly, but will be there to support you 24/7 through our advanced coaching app.

Our Longevity Plan is for clients who are on track to master their health habits, have fine-tuned their metabolism and actively managing their disease risk. Our focus is in supporting your health autonomy with our continuous condition monitoring technology, monthly check-ins with your coach, and annual lab testing and doctor visits so we can proactively address changes in your metabolism as you age.

After an initial 3 month commitment to our Health plan, all our subscriptions are monthly the meet your changing health needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our plans

Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is a minimum subscription period of 3 months on the Health Plan and then all plans renew monthly to meet your changing health needs.

Will I have a personal coach and doctor?

Indeed, we are committed to providing seamless care tailored to your individual requirements. All our programs are accompanied by a dedicated team consisting of your trusted doctor, coach, nurse, and analytics experts. They work collaboratively to offer you unwavering support throughout your journey.

How frequent are my coaching sessions?

The frequency of coaching sessions is customised to meet your individual needs, offering a combination of in-person and video sessions that align with your lifestyle. We highly recommend that those on Health Coaching engaged with their coach weekly, Habit Coaching is fortnightly and Longevity Coaching is monthly.

However, we understand that there may be times when you require more or less intensive support, and you can discuss and agree on your specific needs with your coach. We also operate continuous condition monitoring so your coach will contact you out of cycle if monitoring surfaces issues that require immediate coaching support.

Do I change plans as my health improves?

Yes. As you master your health habits and progress from poor health to optimal health your coach and doctor will recommend you progress from the Health to the Habit and Longevity Plans. It is our objective to optimise your health so you can coach yourself with the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to control your lifelong health.

Are my coaching sessions in-person by video call?

At the start, your coaching sessions will be conducted in person to establish a strong bond and trust with your coach. However, as we understand the demands of your busy life, we will customise your coaching sessions to accommodate your schedule with a blend of video and face-to-face meet-up sessions.

Can I change coaches?

We prioritise rapport between coaches and clients to ensure their coaching relationship meets our program objectives. We personality profile both before matching clients to a coach and regularly review this with clients.